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Not the most noticeable part of your home and certainly not high on immediate curb appeal however, Soffit & Fascia are vital to the proper ventilation and support of your roof. With the right materials and expert installation, your soffit & fascia should last a long time and serve you well. Talk to us about choosing the right materials and styles to fit your home perfectly.

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Fascia is a flat band that goes around the roofing surface right under your rooftop. Fascia wraps around the edge of the roof surface. A soffit is installed in the underside of the rafters/overhang. 

If you keep your gutters cleaned and well maintained, your soffit & fascia should last a long time. The problems arise when your gutters clog, overflow and rot, then your soffit & fascia will become ruined and need replacing.

Yes, we have all the materials in styles and colors you’ll need to replace your wood soffits & fascia with vinyl. Talk to us and we’ll walk you through every step of the process.

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